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Background Support System - Komplett

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Westcott Background Support System
  • Stabile lampestativer for sikkert oppsett
  • 10.5' or 7' widths
  • Light stand height allows for long backdrops
  • Easy set up and tear down
  • Included storage bag
Kit Contents:
- 1 x Background Support Cross Bar & Clips 
- 2 x 10' Air-cushioned Stands 
With variable lengths and heights, this durable backdrop support system is the essential accessory for your favorite backdrops. A three-section cross bar can extend to 10.5' using all three sections or 7' using only sections of this background support system. Two durable screw knobs allow you to lock the cross bar into place. Cross bars are support by two air cushioned stands, which eliminate slamming when collapsing.
The light stands extend to 10' high, adding extra height for low-angle shooting and extra long backdrops. The stands are exceptionally sturdy with a maximum load rating of 40 pounds and offers three telescopic sections allowing for the adjustable height. Durable stand collars are constructed from high-density material to prevent cracking upon normal impact. A durable case is included for easy travel and storage.
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