Westcott Solix LED Apollo Orb Kit

Rund LED lampe med Speedringfeste

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Medium Apollo Speedlite Softbox Kit (28")

  • Versatile modifier kit is an ideal key or hair light for speedlights
  • Lightweight softbox collapses down to the size of an umbrella
  • Quick and convenient setup without speedrings
  • Designed with durable fiberglass ribs for years of use on location or in the studio
  • Features recessed edge for added light control
  • Included grid controls light spill and lens flare

A Versatile Light Modifier

With a 28" square construction, we designed the Medium Apollo with versatility in mind. This light modifier is large enough to act as a key light source for headshots or product images, yet small enough to act as an accent light, giving you a range of lighting options.

Designed for On-The-Go Photographers

With flexible framework and instant umbrella-style setup, these modifiers are designed for busy photographers. Each Apollo and Halo softbox packs up quickly and can be thrown into any gear bag for effortless travel and storage.

For Speedlites and Strobes

Do you shoot with both types of off-camera flash? Thanks to the Apollo and Halo’s versatile umbrella shaft, these modifiers can be instantly paired with both speedlites and strobes. With these softboxes, you won’t be confined to using a single lighting style or forced into buying various modifiers.

Say Goodbye to Speedrings and Rods

Unlike most softboxes, these modifiers are constructed with an umbrella-style frame. Not only does this allow for the instant assembly, but it also allows for quick strobe mounting without bulky speedrings or adapters.

Equipped with the Latest Technology

Since their introduction in 1985, these umbrella-style softboxes have been enhanced based upon consumer requests. The latest Apollo design features a recessed edge, flexible fiberglass frame, and removable outer diffusion panel.

Premium Diffusion Fabric

Our diffusion panels are constructed with a premium, all-natural unbleached nylon fabric. Unlike processed diffusion fabrics, these diffusers will soften your light source without altering its color temperature.

Direct and Soften Light

By directing your light source toward the Apollo’s included diffusion front, you’ll create drastic highlights with a subtle hot spot. By directing your unit towards the back of Apollo, you’ll create an even spread of light with softer shadows. You can even pick up an optional 40-degree Egg Crate Grid for more light control options.

Maximize Output

Apollo softboxes are manufactured with a highly-reflective silver interior for optimized light output.


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