Reflecta Slidemounter CS II

Monteringsmaskin for CS II rammer

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Reflecta Slidemounter CS II

Slide mounter for reflecta CS II slide mounts

The automatic slide mounting device with C.A.M. System for PAXIMOUNT CS frames or C.A.M. System slide frames. The film strip is inserted into the transport slit of the device and is then moved forwards or backwards till the last frame is reached by means of a spring-loaded friction wheel which automatically adjusts to the thickness of the film. The viewing screen is illuminated by a special matt lamp. With the aid of two marking lines and a folding 2.5x magnifying glass, the position of the cut can be exactly determined. The PAXIMOUNT CS slide frame is slid into the device until the stop at which point it opens. The film is cut using a rollcut, self-sharpening blade made of highgrade steel. As the film gets pressed down automatically this ensures an exact, clean cut. The cutting operation is possible in both directions. After the cut you simply pull the slide frame out of the device. It then closes by itself. Four marking lines on the viewing panel allow you to view the slide afterwards under the magnifying glass.



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