Westcott Fast Flag Collapsible Frame

Ramme 60x90 (24" x 36") Kun ramme alene

Produktnr: 1955
Bestillingsvare (30 dager)
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Fast Flags Collapsible Frame60x90 cm - KUN RAMME
(18" x 24" - 61 x 91,4cm)

  • High carbon steel frame
  • Collapses for travel
  • Arms swing out to 90-degree angles
  • Interchangeable fabrics
  • Fast set up and tear down

Heavy-Duty Carbon Steel Framework

Fast Flag frames are constructed with a durable carbon steel and feature all-metal locking collars. This durable, plastic-free design ensures that these tools will hold up for years of use on-set.

Effortless Setup In-Studio or On-Location

Fast Flag collapsible arms open to a 90-degree angle and lock into place. Fabrics slide onto these arms instantly and are secured with a hook-and-loop closure.

Control Your Light

Diffuse, block, shape, and cut - Fast Flags are specifically designed for simple and efficient control of your studio light source.

Universal Mounting Options

The Fast Flag’s steel shaft fits securely into any grip head, allowing for quick and secure mounting on light stands.

Interchangeable Fabrics for Cost-Effective Light Control

No need to purchase multiple flags as all Fast Flag fabrics are interchangeable. Save even more money by picking up a Fast Flag Kit, which includes your frame of choice and all of the fabrics you’ll need to effectively shape your light source.



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Produsent Westcott

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