Westcott 9 x 20" Sort Stoff bakgrunn

Refleksfri sort. 274 x 609 cm

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Wrinkle-Resistant 9' x 20' Rich Black Backdrop
  • Wrinkle-resistant heavy-duty fabric
  • Matte fabric ensures no reflections
  • Perfect for high-key images
  • Pole pocket and grommets for easy hanging
Wrinkle-resistant fabric
Fabrics are constructed of a heavy-duty fabric that is wrinkle resistant. This is ideal for anyone doing on-location photography as the backdrop can be quickly pulled from any bag and set up instantly with no wrinkles.
No reflections
Due to the matte nature of this fabric, it is virtually reflection free making it a breeze to light.
Easy hanging
A 2" top rod pocket and grommets allow for easy hanging.
Machine washable
This backdrop is machine washable on delicate cycle, cold water and tumble dry low. Please note due to the nature of the fabric, the backdrop may shrink slightly.
Included carry case
Each backdrop comes with a free heavy-duty cloth carry case.
Teknisk info


Bakgrunnsmateriale Stoff
Bredde (bakgrunn) 2,74m
Fargegruppe Gråtoner
Gruppe 1 Lys og studio
Gruppe 2 Bakgrunner
Gruppe 3 Bakgrunner
Lengde (bakgrunn) 6m
Produsent Westcott
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