RED DSMC2 Tactical Top Plate

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Machined from robust 7075 Aluminum, the DSMC2® Tactical Top Plate mounts to the top of your DSMC2 BRAIN® to provide 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting points for RED® and third-party accessories. This plate is specifically designed to provide reliable and seamless functionality with existing DSMC2 battery modules, expanders, and accessories.

The DSMC2 Tactical Top Plate provides multiple ways to trigger record start/stop. First, the plate offers a 3-pin POGO connector that allows you to mount a RED 'smart' handle, extending the DSMC2 BRAIN's intelligent handle interface. Second, the plate also offers an unpowered 3-pin Fischer port, boasting the flexibility to interface with compatible third-party start/stop triggers. Additionally, DSMC2 Tactical Top Plate extends the DSMC2 BRAIN's top LCD/EVF interface through a 16-pin 1B LCD/EVF connector. This additional connector allows you to remote mount a RED 16-pin 1B-based display without the use of an LCD/EVF Adaptor A.

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Produsent RED

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