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Westcott Barndoor Set m/Grid & Gels

Fargede filter, Grid og låvedør

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Westcott Barndoor Set with Grid & Gels *OBS: Låvedør og filterholder tilpasset Westcott Strobelite metallreflektor 
  • For use with the Skylux and Strobelite
  • Gain total control of your light
  • Alter intensity
  • Paint with color
  • Shape light patterns
  • The essential backlight accessory

Pakken inneholder:
1 x Strobelite Barndoor 
1 x 60° Honeycomb Grid 
1 x Green Gel 
1 x Blue Gel 
1 x Red Gel 
1 x Yellow Gel   

 Gain control.
This barndoor set enables you to control where the light goes and doesn't go. The more you close the door, the narrower the beam of light. Each door panel moves independently allowing you to control the light in all four directions.
  Alter shape and intensity.
The included 60-degree honeycomb grid will alter the shape and intensity of the light. As a rule of thumb, the lower the degree grid, the smaller the cells are causing for more directional light. The larger the degree, the more open the grid cells are. This 60-degree grid is fairly open and works ideal when used with the barn door. The grid directs the light so you can make sure it is falling exactly where you want it to and the barn doors direct how much spread in each direction that light is falling. Both combined make for an ideal backlight or kicker light.
  Add color.
A red, blue, green and yellow gel come complete with this kit allowing you to easily add accents of color to you image. Easily change a white background or wall into four uniquely different colors all while altering the direction and intensity of this colored light through the honeycomb grid and barn doors.
  All metal construction.
No paper used on this product as all components encompass an all-metal framework adding durability and longevity.
  Watch your heat!
As these units can intensify light patterns and are constructed using all metal, use caution when handling these units and allow them to properly cool before dismantling.
  Simple set up.
This barn door set fits easily onto the Strobelite or Strobelite Plus light heads by sliding the unit over the reflector and locking the arm into place.
  Collapses for travel.
The barn door has 4 adjustable panels that can all easily be collapsed flat and fit into any standard gear bag or backpack making them perfect for travel.
  One year warranty.
One year warranty against manufacturer's defect.

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